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3:55 AM 30th September 2021

Action For Sport Calls For Give Away Not Throw Away

Andy Kenure & Clive Michallat
Andy Kenure & Clive Michallat
The environmental impact of throw away fashion and footwear is extensive with 90% of all footwear and clothing ending up in landfill after a single use.

With the current call for environmental change, Action for Sport, along with the Chair of the Youth Justice Board of England and Wales, Keith Fraser, aims to combat needless wastage by asking sports companies and organisations to donate unused stock, instead of simply throwing it away.

Currently within the UK there are 14 million people classed as living in poverty. This unfortunately equates to a staggering one in five children. These children are far more likely to experience poor mental health, bullying and underachievement. However, a clear way to combat this is physical exercise which is why Action for Sport stays determined to not allow poverty to be a barrier in participation for any child.

Clive Michallat, Action for Sport co-founder, said:
“For the environmental impact alone it is worth donating your boots instead of discarding them, but with the addition of allowing another child to participate, it makes donating boots the absolute right decision. We thank everyone who as donated so far and urge anyone who can to get behind this amazing cause to do so”.

Keith Fraser, added:
“It was fantastic and inspiring to meet with the founders of Action For Sport. It’s an amazing cause which supports children and young people to improve their health and life chances through access to sport. No one is written off and everyone is a genius, the key is just finding it.”

Action for Sport is currently backed by leading FF&E specialist, Southern Broadstock, who generously pledge both financial and logistic support to help the charity to continue its vital mission. The charity is now asking for other companies and sporting organisations to follow in Southern Broadstock’s footsteps and do their bit to tackle environmental and social issues.

For more information about Action For Sport and to find out how to support, please visit